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As soon as you open the package, unpack them and soak the roots for an hour or so in water that is cool, but not cold. If you have liquid fertilizer on hand, add a tiny bit to the water. Don't overdo the soaking. An hour is enough. This treatment will help them recover from the shock of being dug, packed and shipped. Plant the new plants within a few hours if possible. If the bed is not yet ready the day the plants arrive, heel them in.

If you are unable to plant them right away heel them in. Dig a shallow trench, lay them on their side with the roots in the trench, cover the roots lightly with soil and keep them moist.

Daylilies grow best in full sunlight but will do well if there is sun for only part of the day. They dont do well in deep shade or in water logged soils.

Daylilies grow best in loamy soil in which organic matter has been incorporated, with good drainage and moderate moisture.

Set plants 2 feet apart. Dig a hole for each one, 2 feet in diameter and 18 inches deep. If you have compost, dried manure, peatmoss, or other organic matter, mix it with the soil you remove.

Fill the holes with water before planting the daylilies.

Then add enough soil to fill the bottom of the holes so the plants can be set at the proper depth. The crown - the area where the root clump meets the foliage - should be level with the top of the ground.

Add soil around the plants and press firmly in place.

Water plants every other day for a week or two after planting. Then water them once a week until you are sure they are well established.

A summer mulch reduces weed competition and slows evaporation of the soil surface. Water during dry periods to maintain health foliage and encourage repeat flowering.

Developing seed pods full of seeds takes a lot of energy from the plant. It is a good idea to pick off any developing seed pods.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email.

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